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I'm a UX & Service Design specialist

Merging design, business & tech


What I'm good at

UX Design

Product focused


Usablity Analysis


Information Architecture

Interaction Design

User Interface Design

User Research

Usability Testing

Design Systems

Service Design

Ecosystem focused

Data driven design


UX Strategy

Product Strategy

Design thinking

Omni channel concepts

Journey mapping

Business analysis

Soft skills

Value focused

Stakeholder management

Presentation techniques

Agile dev collaboration

Team leadership


Product Ownership


What I'm like to work with

Driven by a strong passion for design and people, I’m a User Experience and Service Design specialist. Grounded in market- and user research, I design how people engage with businesses through digital products and services.


I’m always on the search for the next big challenge, getting digital products to the market with a focus on balancing business and user needs.


Combining design thinking methods with user experience theory and interaction design laws, I support teams by making product decisions that are backed up by research. In most projects I am part of agile development teams to create product value fast and frequently deliver working strategy and software. 

I strongly believe in autonomous, agile teams. Making mistakes along the way is part of the process. Great products and services live from being crafted by cross functional teams which combine business expertise with a focus on user value.

For me, aligning all involved stakeholders around a shared vision & mission is the single most important task in any product and service environment. Speaking German, Dutch and English fluently is one of my greatest strengths. Working in multi cultural / language environments is my daily business.

My methodology shifts from project to project, always adapting to the circumstances. While the general approach is based on design thinking, throwing one design process on different problems isn't the right way to go in my opinion. 

TVH Equipment / mateco

Advancing the worldwide digital rental flow for height solutions. Working on all employee-facing rental apps. Collaborating with business and engineering to deliver an industry leading solution for a market leading player.

Deutsche Telekom

Redesigning the Telekom Fashion Fusion website. Focusing on the Information Architecture and general Usability enhancements.

Port Of Antwerp

Visualization of all ship traffic for the port control tower. Usability enhancement of the port railway application and the inland container traffic application.


Research support and design of a mobile time tracking application for more than 12.000 employees with low digital maturity. 


Leading the research and design of multiple customer-facing applications. Rethinking the service structure of multiple services.

REWE group

UX Design of multiple online solutions for REWE's brands PENNY and toom. Omni channel campaign concepts for multiple market sectors.

Kao group

Multiple omni-channel advertising campaigns for the brands Guhl and John Frieda. Concept for product launch campaigns on social media, online, print and TV channels.

Toshiba storage

Usability research and redesign of Toshiba's online storage platform. Global omni-channel concept for social, print and online channels.


Research support and design of a home energy consumption check app. Ideation for possible value added services.

Work I've done

Recent publications

The state of automotive in-car user experience in 2020

Published on UX Collective, the worlds biggest UX blog.

Why do presentations still suck?

Published by Clockwork, Ordina Belgium's UX & Service Design agency.

An Agile, Scrum & UX Design love story

Published on UXplanet, one of medium's largest UX publications

TVH / mateco chronicle

Posting monthly status updates about our UX / Service Design progress. Reaching all members of the TVH equipment / mateco IT organization to create awareness.

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