Hi and welcome to my adventure blog and portfolio page. I’m Manuel and I’m a professional photographer and media designer. This is my personal adventure blog as well as my portfolio page. Recently, I traveled through South America from bottom to top. South America is full of stunning landscapes, famous national parks, huge cities and crazy places. To find out more about my adventures, visit the "BLOG" page and the "VIEW" tab in the navigation of this website. The BLOG page contains written stories about my experiences traveling while the VIEW page contains a selection of pictures which gives you a quick insight in my work and my style of shooting. 
I love traveling slow and getting to know a country's culture, people, nature and language. Getting in touch with local people in my opinion is the best way to really discover this continent. As I'm quite a adrenaline addict, expect no more than the craziest extreme sports and hiking activities, including Patagonia, Skydiving, Machu Picchu and the infamous Death Road in Bolivia. 

So join me on my adventures and learn more about the latin american culture, nature and people. Also make sure to follow me on Instagram: @manuelsirch