Hi. I'm Manuel Sirch, a User Experience Designer currently working for Ordina Belgium.

What I do

I’m a UX Designer / Service Designer working at Ordina’s digital studio Clockwork in Belgium. Ordina is the biggest independent IT service provider in Benelux. Together with my colleagues at Clockwork I create user centered products and services which are then being crafted by our colleagues at Ordina.

We do this by combining design thinking methods with user experience theory and interaction design laws. Our product decisions are backed up by user and market research. In most of our projects we are part of agile development teams to create product value fast and frequently deliver working strategy and software.

User Experience Design, Interaction Design, Usablity expertise, User Interface Design, User Research, Usability Testing, Project Ownership, Analytics, Data driven design, Roadmapping, Service Design, Product Strategy, Presentation techniques, Design thinking, Agile development collaboration, Digital campaign concepts